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4-WHEELER TRIP - June 22 to 28 - We had a great 4 wheeler trip in June, sorry for the late posting of the trip but it couldn't be helped. Hope you can join us on our next one. We were all covered with dust the first two days and MUD the last day!!!

Trips to the Northern Goat Locker 2015

1st trip February 14 to February 21 Ice fishing and snowmobile trip
2nd trip April 24 to May 3 Opening fishing trip
3rd trip May 23 to May 31 Fishing/ATV trip
4th trip June 20 to June 28 Fishing/ATV/canoe trip
5th trip August 8 to August 16 Female vet trip
6th trip October 3 to October 18 CAST & BLAST!!!!!!!
7th trip October 14 to October 18 ??? NY salmon trip

Deer Hunting dates. If interested in Deer Hunting contact DOC at cats02@peoplepc.com. We will set up trips for the dates people want to come up hunting.

Bird season is still open until the end of the year. Those interested in additional bird hunting after Cast & Blast contact Gunny at gysgt24@outlook.com.

September 15 Opening day for archery
October 17 Moose season
October 24 and 25 Youth season
October 31 Opening day muzzleloader season
November 10 Last day of muzzleloader season
November 11 Opening day rifle season
November 29 Last day of rifle season
December 8 Last day of archery season

2014 we had our first Thanksgiving and Christmas trips. Anyone interested in joining us for Thanksgiving or Christmas let us know. Gunny cooked a real FEAST in 2014! I'll bet it will be even better in 2015!

November 25 to November 29      Thanksgiving trip
December 26 to December 29 Christmas trip

If you are interested in any of these trips, please fill out the trip application, available here, and send it to Jon at mmcssworrall@aol.com so I can put you on the schedule.

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